When Candle Making Becomes Art

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Off-the-shelf paraffin candles produce undesirable soots that will pollute your living environment. Explore with us how to use soy, a natural ingredient, as wax for candles that provides a cleaner and longer burn. Soy wax is also versatile and easy to use. You can create a variety of styles and designs with it that will look great in every room.

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Soy Wax Candle

This workshop is an ideal introduction for beginners to learn the art and process of making soy wax candle.

Join us for a 2hr workshop at S$45/pax.

Delicacy Candles

Join our delicacy candle workshop and bring home cute looking desserts that will not add on to your calories.

Join us for a 2hr workshop at S$68/pax.

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Double Bliss

Learn with us how to create your unique candles and candle holder that goes well with your home decoration.

Join us for a 2hr workshop at S$88/pax.

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